How Can a Prey Animal Make You More Human?

It has been many centuries of humans interacting with horses in various ways. They have been transportation, working animals, athletes, best friends and spirit animals.

The one thing that has stayed consistent throughout this time is the fact that no matter how well trained they are, or how "broke" they are, they are still flight animals, and continue to respond to the world as an animal of prey.

It is the natural reactions and responses of these amazing creatures that, if we are willing to learn, give us an opportunity to get a more clear perspective of who we are, what makes us tick and why we do some of the things we do. Our "natural" responses are often learned behaviors or simply lack of knowledge of something different. The unfortunate part of this is that these same behaviors that we continue to gravitate toward are the same behaviors that are usually the foundation of our limiting beliefs in life.

For example, a person who was raised in a home where rules were not discussed, simply enforced will tend to function in the same way in many of the roles in their adult life from parent to partner to coworker. Because this is a natural response and way of handling any situation, the person is often not aware that they appear inflexible, or even bossy to those around them.

When this same person takes the opportunity to work with a horse, they will quickly see a horse who is unwilling to move, appears nervous or afraid, and will simply not cooperate.

In the Equine Assisted Learning programs at Double T Ranch, we have learned that how the horse responds to any human is a clear reflection of the landscape inside of the human handling them. Some say they "mirror' us but, in reality - they are naturally allowing their prey animal responses to kick in and keep them aware and safe because until a horse (like us humans) feels safe, they will be unable to relax.

These programs are based on basic life skills - the way the horse teaches... are you ready to see who is reflected?

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Woman learning life skills by walking horse

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