community PROGRAMS

Each one of our clients is unique & is on their own journey.  Each belongs to various groups within their community & and each group supports different opportunities for growth.

The community based programs available at Double T Ranch offer skills development programs specifically designed for the community group involved.


  • Weekly curriculum opportunities for ongoing growth

  • 1 or 2 day workshops with targeted objectivesl

Select the Community Group you are interested in below to learn more:

Youth skills happy

Our Future

Let's help your kids to build an armour of skills so they know how to protect themselves and move forward no matter what life throws at them. Interactive life skills development programs that are fun, engaging and teach valuable life skills.


Our Voice Inside

Helping women find their power under all of the perceptions, labels, roles and jobs they live up to every day. These life-changing skills programs help women take empowered action, find their own self-truths and learn to move forward with confidence!

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Wellness Support

We, at Double T Ranch, are not therapists or addictions counsellors. We guide you through life skills programs which provide opportunities for personal growth, relationship building, and moving from mental illness to mental wellness - and from addiction to recovery.