We need more creative ways to teach youth. This program does just that! My students will hold this creative and positive learning experience in their memories forever. Thanks again!


I can move beyond the shore and into the sea of the unknown. I can trust myself. I’m stronger than I thought I was and I can move through life and through fear. I don’t have to allow the fear of the unknown to stop me from living, learning, and growing! Thank you so much!


What I witnessed was the transformation of fear and hesitation to an overwhelming sense of trust, love and peace with these young students. It was truly memorable to see how well the facilitators could tap into that very disruptive spirit and walk them through this program with such ease. The students, some of whom are constantly in my office, came in with a real nonchalant attitude, an attitude of why am I here, left with such a sense of peace that you could feel. They were calm on the way back to the school, and discussed everything they felt or overcame with their horse. It is truly incredible to watch just how much of an impact these programs had on our students.


It taught me if I break through my fears, everything works out. I can’t always think everything is bad. Always look for the good in people, places, and situations, to push myself in life. Not back down.

Wellness Client

My horse just wants to be loved. Dealing with him makes me forget about all the bad things. He makes me smile and happy.

13 years old

My horse taught me to be more secure in myself. That its okay to be myself. When I’m with my horse, I feel like nothing else matters.


Today I learned that I just need to be genuine with where I’m at and how I’m feeling. Working with my teacher was very calming and allowed for me to just be and to feel connected. He would always put his head on my chest/stomach/arms and just made me feel loved. The connection that I felt today with him was one that made me feel connected and accepted and loved on. It made me feel like I belong; it was a very grounding experience.

wellness client

I had fun and I haven’t had fun in a while, I can’t wait to come back.

11 years old

To focus on the now instead of being-preoccupied with the future! Now is what matters the most and if we concentrate on the now - our goals will be easier to achieve. Thank you!

wellness client

My horse taught me that I have the power in my life.